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Latest News

Annual Registration - Returning Students
SAU 70

Emails have gone out with instructions on how to complete your Parent Annual Registration documentation.  Please check your email and log in to the PowerSchool portal and complete your forms.  Anyone having problems accessing their account, kindly contact helpdesk@dresden.us.

Please note there is a separate process for High School Athletics Registration.

New Student Pre-Register for 2018-2019

Before pre-registering please call the school for necessary information.

The following is for any new families attending Norwich/Hanover for the very first time. If your child is currently enrolled with one of the SAU 70 schools then pre-registration is not necessary,

Are you interested in enrolling your children with the SAU 70 schools in Dresden, Hanover, and Norwich for 2018-2019? Then here is the online pre-registration form to fill out and submit for each child.

Thank you!

Technology is an essential resource for student learning. Classroom content is digital engaging student interaction with their teachers using online programs. There are no longer chalk boards, books, photo copiers, and miscellaneous mediums for movies such as filmstrips, beta, laserdisk, or vhs tapes.

Wireless is the new medium to communicate eliminating wires and directly accessing content with phones, laptops, chromebooks, or even interacting with projectors to present an entire classroom.

Technology planning for SAU 70 includces the infrastructure backbone to the students day-to-day devices to incorporate as part of their learning tools in the classroom. Therefore, operational supports are essential to make the technology consistent within the school buildings of SAU 70 and associated districts.

The district provides tools for the parent community. On-line registration is done using an on-line portal (InfoSnap) integrated with our student information system, PowerSchool. Parents also use PowerSchool to monitor their child's growth, receiving reports and emails of grade changes and term reporting.


SAU 70 Central OfficeHanover High SchoolRichmond Middle SchoolRay Elementary SchoolMarion Cross School
Systems Administrator10000
Technology Coordinator01111
Technology Support02210
Media Specialist01111

The coordinators provide the framework referencing ISTE and state standards for their students so the students can use the necessary tools to complete the technological challenges along with teacher expectations of coursework.

As students progress closer to the high school, they endure more responsibility as they have to be responsible for the devices they use. 8th graders become familiar with ipads and then transition to the high school to learn about chromebooks. However most students will be familiar with the online google tools that help them throughout their education journey.

SAU Technology

Adam Reitsma

Systems Administrator

Staff help desk

Please send an email to start your help ticket. Give a brief explanation to what your concern/issue is.

Email helpdesk