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[old] Wellness 18-19

Select which state you work in:

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Wellness Program Details

New Hampshire Interlocal Trust and Harvard Pilgrim both value the choices that their members make when investing in their health and well-being. They are continuously researching new ways in which they can provide cutting edge programs that engage employees and their families to make healthy lifestyle choices.

NHIT's Wellness Portal can be accessed here:

click to access wellness portal

Once you have logged in, you can record your activities to earn points.

Guide to the NHIT Wellness Portal

Please visit this page for NHIT's Employee Assistance Program. Sign in using the Company Code: NHIT

Wellness FAQs

Why am I now earning points for prizes instead of cash?

Due to IRS tax regulations, the cash rewards have been discontinued. The program will be converted to a points system, and members that participate will be able to redeem their points for prizes through the Wellness Portal. Many of the activities will remain the same, with a focus on whole-person wellness.

Am I still able to get reimbursed for gym memberships?

No, that feature of the wellness program has been discontinued this year. However, the district will continue to offer discounted memberships at the CCBA and UV Aquatic Center, and will explore additional opportunities as they arise.

Am I still able to get reimbursed for my child’s wellness activities or lessons?

All Child Reimbursements will be awarded as points ($1 = 1 point). The points earned for Child Reimbursements are added to your rewards points and are to be redeemed in the Rewards Mall on the portal.

Examples of eligible activities/classes/lessons, but not limited to:

  • Camps: soccer, football, baseball, basketball, other sports camps; wilderness.
  • Classes: yoga, Pilates, swim, gymnastics, dance, art/painting/pottery, nutrition/cooking.
  • Lessons: ski, dance, hockey and figure skating, art/painting/pottery
  • Recreational sports leagues: soccer, football, baseball, basketball, other sports camps.

Does everyone in my family get their own wellness portal login?

Spouses and dependents over 18 that are on the district's health insurance are encouraged set up their own account on the portal and participate in all wellness activities. Dependents under 18 are entered under the subscriber's account.

How do I enter proof of my medical appointments or participation in wellness events?

On the portal, click on each item you want to submit for points to see what paperwork is required and how to submit it.

What is a Wellness Related Community Event?

A Wellness Related Community Event can be lots of things. Some possibilities are events sponsored or provided by the hospital and affiliated clinics or licensed Chiropractors, Physical Therapists (PT), Acupuncturists, Register Dietitians (RD), etc. If you are interested in attending an event and using it for wellness points, just run it by the district's wellness coordinator to confirm whether it’s an appropriate fit.

How can I access EAP Online Courses and other EAP resources?

1) Visit http://nhitrust.personaladvantage.com. (You can also access the webpage from NHIT’s website www.nhitrust.org, click on the “wellness” tab and scroll to the EAP section to select the EAP hyperlink.)

2) Sign in using the Company Code: NHIT

Instructions for accessing and completing EAP courses

After I upload documentation for completion of an activity to the wellness portal, when will I see the points added to my total?

It will take 3-5 business days for your documentation to be reviewed and your points added.

What if I have issues logging into the portal, or technical issues once I am in the portal?

Please contact website support at support@healthylife.com or call 800-345-2476 x4.


Vermont Employee Wellness Program Details

VEHI PATH (Planned Action Toward Health) offers their member school employees and Vermont teacher retirees a plethora of cost-effective, best practice elements to help them live their best lives at home, at work and in your local community.

The VEHI PATH team works hand-in-hand with schools and school districts/supervisory unions to create and sustain safe and healthy work environments.

Welcome back to VEHI PATH!

As many of you know, your health insurance provider, VEHI, sponsors a web-based wellness program, called PATH. This is a self-paced program to help you learn, have fun, and to encourage healthy habits, and is open to all employees, whether or not they are on school's insurance. You can earn points by doing various activities, some of which you may be doing already! If you earn 200 or more PATHpoints by June 30, 2019, you will be rewarded with a $100 gift card from L. L. Bean!

  • To get started, go to www.tomypath.com, and login or set up a new account. (If you already have an account but don't remember your login information, call PATH at 802-223-5040 x214.)
  • Once you are logged in, I encourage you to explore the site, including the FAQs, and get started earning points! See the "How to Earn Points" handout (attached) for a summary of all of your opportunities. Keep an eye on the calendar, some of the activities have start and end dates for participation.
  • For questions or help contact Jessica Belley at MCS (802-649-1703 x204) or Bridget Peters in the SAU Office (603-643-6050 x2016).

District Wide Wellness Programs

Program Details

Corporate Fitness Membership Discounts

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