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Who attends schools in SAU 70?

SAU 70 is located along the Connecticut River in the Upper Valley. As the first interstate school district, SAU 70 serves towns on both sides of the river, Hanover, New Hampshire and Norwich, Vermont. Students living in Norwich, VT attend the Marion Cross School through 6th grade and students living in Hanover, NH attend Bernice A. Ray Elementary School until 5th grade before attending Frances C. Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH for grades 6-8 and Hanover High School for grades 9-12.

Several surrounding Upper Valley towns are either "sending" or "choice" districts. "Sending districts" are towns that do not have a high school (or in limited cases middle school) of their own. “Choice Districts” are districts where students can choose to go to other towns’ schools. If you live in a Sending District or a Choice District there are different rules for paying the tuition to Hanover High School. Learn more about paying for tuition