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Sending Towns

Sending Towns are towns that don’t have their own high school or middle school, and therefore send their students to other districts for their upper-grade education. (Districts where students can choose to go to other towns’ schools are also called “Choice Districts,” because the student has the choice of where to go to school.) Tuition to HHS is paid to our accounting department and usually comes in full from the town coffers. See exceptions below under “Comment.” (Last updated April 2016, check directly with sending towns for current the most current information)

TownSchool DistrictCommentContact Name
Lyme, NHLymeLyme pays HHS tuition
Lempster, NHSAU 71Lempster has choice for 9th-12th
(603) 863-1080 x2
Goshen, NHSAU 71Goshen has choice for 7th-12th graders.
(603) 863-1080 x2
Cornish, NHSAU 6Cornish has choice for 9th-12th graders.(603) 543-4200

x 6016

Corinth, VT
East Corinth, VT
Orange East
Supervisory Union
Corinth has choice for 9th-12th graders(802) 222-5216
Topsham, VTOrange East SUTopshom has choice for 9th-12th graders
Waits River, VTOrange East SUChoice for 9th-12th graders
Hartland, VTWindsor Southeast
Choice for 9th-12th graders. (802) 674-2144
Weathersfield, VTWindsor Southeast
Choice for 9th-12th graders(802) 674-2144
West Windsor, VTWindsor Southeast
Choice for 9th-12th graders(802) 674-2144
Tunbridge, VTOrange Windsor
Choice for 9th-12th graders(802) 763-7795
Strafford, VT &
South Strafford, VT
Orange Windsor
Thetford Academy is the designated school
for Strafford. For a student living in Strafford
to attend HHS, a parent must get a waiver
from the town of Strafford. Parent pays
the different between HHS tuition and
Thetford Academy tuition.
(802) 763-7795
Sharon, VTOrange Windsor
Choice for 7th-12th graders. (802) 763-7795