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Dr. Jay Badams
Superintendent of Schools

Primary duty to ensure that the welfare of the students is protected.  Responsible for ensuring that facilities, staffing, and programming of the district are adequate to support the growth and development of students.

Robin Steiner
Assistant Superintendent of Schools 

Primary duty to develop, lead, and support district-wide curriculum initiatives.  Coordinates the Pandemic Response Committee and is our COVID-19 coordinator.

Jamie Teague
Business Administrator 

Administers the business and financial affairs of the districts in such a way as to provide the best possible educational services with the financial resources available.

Anthony Daigle
Director of Facilities

Coordinate and oversee District-wide facility operations.

Rhett Darak
Director of Student Services

Provide leadership by directing, managing and implementing the district’s special education and disability services to students.  Title IX Coordinator/Human Right Officer

Joshua Mulloy
Director of Educational Technology

Oversees all aspects of technology in the districts including vision, planning, budget, operations, professional development, legal compliance and curriculum. 

Support Staff

Heather Anderson
Finance Assistant

Vendor Maintenance and updating for 1099s.  Accounts Payable and Payroll Data entry.

Shannon Howe
Database Specialist

Provides database and application support to all users.

Brenda Kenyon
Finance Clerk

Assists the Finance Office in daily operations.

Gavyn Magistro
Technology Support Specialist

Provides end-user support to remedy technology hardware issues.

Rebecca Magistro
Administrative Assistant to the Director Student Services

Provide support to the department director and district wide Special Ed staff along with maintaining compliance with Medicaid reporting.

Ryanne Schoonover
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Provides support to the Superintendents and the School Board as well as Grants assistance.

Teal Parker
Volunteer Coordinator

Recruitment of volunteers to meet staff requests.

Christine Pedi
Administrative Assistant 

Receptionist and assists the Human Resources office.  

Bridget Peters
Senior Human Resources Assistant

Provides assistance within the Human Resources office.  District Wellness Coordinator.

Carmen Sleeper
Administrative Assistant 
Receptionist and assists the Human Resources office.

Amy Tallman
Human Resources Coordinator

Provides guidance and consultation with staff, supervisors, and retirees regarding a wide range of pay and benefit issues, laws, and labor contracts.

Karen Wright
Communications Specialist

Manages communication strategies to create a superior level of communication across the Districts.  Website and social media management.  District Public Information Officer. 

Mathew Zweeres
Facilities Department Coordinator

Provides administrative support to the Director of Facilities, department personnel with the ultimate goal of helping the department provide quality facilities support to the schools and staff throughout SAU 70.

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