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Important Information

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is time to complete your child(ren)'s Annual Permission and Medical Forms. It is important that we have all of your correct contact, medical and permission information each year, so we ask that you confirm and update your child(ren)'s information annually. These forms are completely separate from any PTO emails and forms you may receive asking you to confirm your contact information.

Powerschool login

You access these forms via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Once logged into PowerSchool, you will complete the forms by clicking InfoSnap (this saves you from having to log in to more than once to access your child(ren)'s information and account(s)).

Thank you!
SAU 70


Supply Lists


1 Backpack
1 Towel for Quiet Time 
1 Full Set of Clothes in a labled Ziplock Bag
Each day bring 2 snacks and a lunch 
1 lunch box 

1st Grade
A water bottle (with water only) each day

2nd Grade
None supplied

3rd Grade
None supplied

4th grade
No required supply list. Donations of disinfecting wipes are appreciated.

5th Grade

The following is a list of supplies we recommend for the year:

  • A 3-ring binder at least 2” wide.
  • Subject dividers with labels for academic subjects.
  • A small amount of lined paper. (Teachers make paper available in the classroom and often rely on handouts.)
  • A year’s supply of traditional pencils with high-quality, soft erasers.
  • A pouch for pencils and erasers.

We encourage all upper-grade students to use the same planner for homework assignments,
which we offer for $1.75. Should you choose to pay by check instead of cash, kindly make checks out
to “Norwich School District.”

6th Grade

Here is a list of school supplies that you will need for sixth grade:

  • Binder that closes with zipper or velcro 
  • Dividers, 6 or 7 for individual subjects (durable, preferably with pockets)
  • Homework folder to go into the binder 
  • Graph paper for math (to keep at home)
  • 2-pocket Writing Folder (to keep at school)
  • Pouch, or insert to fit in binder (to carry pencils, pens, erasers) 
  • Pencils, a few #2 w/erasers (Please no mechanical pencils!)
  • Pens, a few for writing, revising, lettering, and labels (black & colored, medium or fine)
  • Highlighters, 3-5 would be plenty
  • Colored pencils, basic set of 8-12 are handy to have, but we also have some in school

Regarding an assignment book: Since all sixth graders will use the same method to organize
daily assignments, we have ordered a MCS homework specific assignment planner for each
of you. Please bring $1.75 cash to your homeroom teacher to purchase it the first week of

Finally, please bring your other school supplies plus a lunch and snack to school on the first
day. We look forward to the start of an exciting and productive year with you.