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Important Information

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is time to complete your child(ren)'s Annual Permission and Medical Forms. It is important that we have all of your correct contact, medical and permission information each year, so we ask that you confirm and update your child(ren)'s information annually. These forms are completely separate from any PTO emails and forms you may receive asking you to confirm your contact information.

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You access these forms via the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Once logged into PowerSchool, you will complete the forms by clicking InfoSnap (this saves you from having to log in to more than once to access your child(ren)'s information and account(s)).

Thank you!
SAU 70


Supply Lists

6th Grade

August 2019     

Dear RMS 6th Graders,                                                                                        


We hope your summer has been wonderful and that you continue to have a great time during the last few weeks. We will see you on August 28th for the first day of school. You will need to be in your homeroom by 7:55 a.m. 

The Richmond Middle School 6th grade has an assignment book, which will be available on the first day of school. 

In addition, on the first day of school, you should have the following general supplies

  • one 3 ring binder with dividers for each academic class: English, 
  • French/Spanish, science, math, and social studies
  • a pen/pencil case that fits in your binder
  • a large supply of #2 pencils- latex free
  • several different colored highlighters
  • a supply of lined paper
  • several packages of Post-it Notes in various sizes
  • hand pencil sharpener
  • textbook covers
  • earbuds 
  • 10 - 15 page protectors.

You will also need the following for specific classes:

  • English:  your summer reading list, signed by a parent, and your letter to Ms. Sylvester
  • Math: an 8” by 10.5” SPIRAL bound notebook, 1 subject, ruled or grid
  • Physical Education:  sneakers
  • Spanish/French:  a notebook labeled with your name, which will stay in the classroom


During the school year, you will also need (keep at home until needed):

  • colored pencils and/ or markers, white out, scissors, extra pens and pencils
  • 3 x 5 cards, glue sticks,extra lined paper, 3-hole paper reinforcements
  • calculator, compass, protractor, ruler

You will use supplies up faster than you expect- be prepared to replenish regularly throughout the year. Binders typically need replacing at least once during the school year. Please put your name on your supplies and belongings (including your clothing) before you bring them to school.

In addition, this year the sixth graders will be using Google Drive and Schoology for many of their assignments and will often need access to the Internet. There will be times when students may need to print a document before class. This can be done at home, if there is a printer available, or at school on a printer in the iMac lab, the library media center, or with a teacher.


Summer Reading: (See tab above)


Summer Arithmetic (be as fluent as you can):




We look forward to seeing you on August 28th. If you have any questions before school begins, please feel free to call the office 603-643-6040.



The Sixth Grade Team

7th Grade

 August 1, 2019

Dear 7th Graders, 

Welcome to the seventh grade! We hope you are having a great summer. Though we still have a few weeks of vacation remaining, you may wish to begin preparations for the opening of school. To help you, your teachers have compiled a list of recommended school supplies.


  • Assignment Planner: each student should use an assignment planner of their choosing. The RMS Planner is available for $10 at the front office and includes the RMS Handbook and calendar, useful for planning long-term projects.
  • Earbuds
  • Combined Math/Foreign Language -Three Ring, 1 ½” Binder containing: 
    • 1 set of dividers  * notebook paper (wide lined, smooth-edged, not spiral)
    • 1 set of dividers w/ pockets   *spiral graph paper notebook
    • Alg7: *binder (at least 1”) *graph paper (3 hole punched) *dividers
  • Combined English/Social Studies/Science -Three Ring, 1 ½” Binder containing
    • dividers for each subject * notebook paper (wide lined, smooth-edged, not spiral)
    • 1 set of dividers w/ pockets
  • English, Social Studies, French, Spanish: Composition Notebook for each subject: college-lined, 100 pages, needs to hold up all year
  • Science Composition Notebook
  • Supplies:
    • pens (black and blue) * pen/pencil case to go into notebook
    • highlighters- various colors  *  #2 pencils/ erasers- latex free       
    • post-it notes (3 x 3) * scientific calculator   


Each student will be assigned a cubby in his/her homeroom. As these cubbies do not have doors or locks, we recommend that each student label all belongings and store them in a pack or bag to prevent materials from becoming lost.


Summer Reading goal for rising 7th graders is to read two books that they have not read before. 


We look forward to meeting you on August 28th!


The Seventh Grade Team                                    

8th Grade

August 1, 2019

Dear 8th Graders,                                                                                   

As summer winds down, it is time to anticipate the school year ahead. We hope you have enjoyed your vacation, and we welcome you to 8th grade at the end of the month! This letter outlines the materials you will need for the first day of school.


Materials: please remember to put your name on all items before you get to school.


  • A binder with dividers for all subjects 
  • French/Spanish: notebook   
  • Science: notebook and calculator
  • English: sticky notes   
  • Pre-Algebra 8 : A 2 or 3” three ring notebook, filler paper (lined or graph), a large    supply of pencils. A calculator would be helpful - TI-30XA would be the best.   
  • Algebra: just bring pencils (You'll use the general binder to keep your Algebra work)
  • Geometry: spiral bound graph paper notebook and pencils
  • Physical Education: sneakers
  • General Supplies: assignment notebook, ruler, pencils, pens, a set of your own colored pencils, earbuds                                  


Summer Reading: You should have finished at least (2) independent reading books of your choice at an appropriate reading level before you come to school. See the summer reading tab above.


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, August 28th.



The 8th Grade Team

Summer Reading

or you can choose any other book you would like to read.


Email Mrs. Putnam-Pouliot, Librarian, with any questions
at chrisputnampouliot@hanovernorwichschools.org 


"Come, and take choice of all my library, and so beguile thy sorrow."

-William Shakespeare