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Opening Safely is 

Based on the current local COVID-19 data, we propose opening fully in the fall with no virtual option.  We will continue to monitor data throughout the year and update recommendations and requirements as necessary.  We will meet as a Pandemic Response Committee on an as-needed basis this year.  If changes in the progression of coronavirus infections occur, we will revert back to the three distinct learning models prepared by the Task Force last year with each linked to medical situations within our community.  

We believe that our local epidemiology supports a plan to return to full in-classroom education, with appropriate safety measures.

Updates to the plan will be posted on the announcements page.

Please note that state and federal requirements, recommendations, or COVID-19 infection rates could change our plans.   

SAU 70 Pandemic Response Framework 2021-22 - PDF Download

The care and kindness of our community has helped us get to this point, and will aid us in moving through this next phase.  Thank you for all you have done.
-- Superintendent Badams


Safety Measures include these District Wide Expectations



Social Distance ruler


Members of the Pandemic Response Committee

  • Robin Steiner, Assistant Superintendent
  • Jamie Teague, Business Administrator
  • Rhett Darak, Director of Student Services
  • Joshua Mulloy, Director of Technology
  • Lauren Amrhein, Ray School Principal
  • Tim Boyle, RMS Principal
  • Anissa Morrison, RMS Associate Principal
  • Shawn Gonyaw, MCS Principal
  • Julie Stevenson, HHS Interim Principal
  • Deb Beaupre, HHS Associate Principal
  • Elizabeth Murray, HHS Interim Associate Principal
  • Dr. Steve Chapman, MD, FAAP, DHMC, Dresden School District Physician
  • Dr. Michael Calderwood, MD, MPH, DHMC
  • Michael Hinsley, Health Officer, Hanover, NH
  • Kathryn Bonyai, School Nurse
  • Pam Hausler, School Nurse
  • Candace Nattie, School Nurse
  • Lynn McRae, School Nurse
  • Abigale Pelletier, School Nurse
  • Laura Perras, School Nurse
  • Catherine McCarthy, RMS Teacher/ HEA President
  • Ania White, MCS Teacher
  • Tony Daigle, SAU, Facilities Director
  • Ryanne Schoonover, SAU, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
  • Amy Tallman, SAU, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Karen Wright, SAU, Communications Specialist
  • Mathew Zweeres, SAU, Facilities Department Coordinator
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