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The Ray School, Richmond Middle School, Marion Cross, and Hanover High School are proud of our volunteer community. We benefit greatly from time and energy given to students in our schools! If you are interested in volunteering in one of our schools, please fill out the Volunteer Form.

SAU 70 Board Policy - IJOC


Teal Parker

Teal Parker

Volunteer Coordinator

SAU 70

Volunteer Background Check Process

  1. Volunteer completes online Volunteer Application and Approval Form.
  2. Principal reviews and signs the application if approved.
  3. Principal determines whether volunteer requires a background check, and if so, sends the form to the SAU office to initiate the background check process.
  4. SAU office contacts volunteer to schedule background check and fingerprinting.
  5. Once the state police form and fingerprints are complete, the volunteer is allowed to work with students.

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