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In-person Learning:  

In-person instruction led by the classroom teacher within class cohorts.

Remote Learning:  

Families can choose to learn exclusively online (in Remote Learning) this school year. Students participating in this option will not be participating in school in person.  Students will learn from home in a separate online classroom with other Remote Learning students and a digital classroom teacher.  Students will remain in this virtual classroom group for the trimester (MCS/Ray) and quarter (RMS/HHS) regardless of whether in-person learning continues or we transition to state-mandated remote learning.

State-Mandated Remote Learning:  

Learning from home online resulting from a state-mandated school closure due to the spread of COVID-19.

Parent/School Learning Agreement:  

Upon committing to Remote Learning, parents will be asked to sign a Learning Agreement, outlining responsibilities involved in the commitment in order to ensure a strong school/family partnership. 

Home Education in NH:  

“Home Education is an alternative to attendance at a public or private school and is an individualized form of instruction in accordance with Chapter 279:2, laws of 1990.  Parents must be aware of relevant statutes, rules, and procedures when notifying their local school district of the decision to homeschool, of the responsibilities of home school parents, and how home-schooled students joining a school will be placed.”  (Link to NHDOE Rules and Regulations here.)

Home Study in VT:  

“Home Study Program means an educational program offered through home study which provides a minimum course of study and which is offered to not more than:  (a) Children residing in that home, and (b) Children not residing in that home who either are two or fewer in number or who are from one family.”  (Link to VT AOE Rules and Regulations here) 




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