COVID-19 Notification - March 5, 2021

Dear SAU 70 School Community,

Please see the attached letter regarding a COVID-19 case at Hanover High School.

Thank you,

Jay Badams

COVID-19 letter March 5, 2021

COVID-19 Notification - December 14, 2020

Dear SAU 70 School Community,

Please see the attached letter regarding a COVID-19 case at Richmond Middle School.

Thank you,

Jay Badams

COVID19 letter NH 12-14-20

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear SAU 70 School Community,

By now, everyone has heard the nationwide call to hunker down.  In NH, and especially Vermont, our governors have urged and even ordered us to restrict our interactions and to avoid travel.  While our schools have remained safe harbors amid the resurging pandemic, we will need to act with caution to keep them open.  Experts continue to insist that if we all mask, distance, and wash our hands diligently, we can slow the spread of the virus.  I’ve attached a recent publication from CHaD reviewing our local situation and recommending our way forward.

Even as we continue to cope with the pandemic, I hope that you are all able to use this break to relax.  I know that consciously or not, between the pandemic, the election, and the recent social unrest in our country, I have been working with much more than my normal stress level and I’m sure that you have too.  This week, I plan to spend time letting some of that extra stress go.  Our Thanksgiving holiday will be much lower key than usual, but we plan to make the best of it - and we certainly have much to be grateful for.

That said, I don’t need to wait for next Thursday to share my gratitude with this school community.    Were it not for the incredible, collaborative effort of our students, staff, parents, and community, we could not have carried out such a successful first quarter.  Research continues to mount that shows just how important restoring in-person schooling has been for our children, and I am deeply grateful for all that you have done so far.   If you’re looking for some background music for the holiday, I would dedicate two songs to all of you: “My Thanksgiving,” by Don Henley, and “Kind and Generous,” by Natalie Merchant.  They say it much better than I can.

Enjoy the break,


CHaD Statement on Schools.11.16.2020.pdf 

Holiday Travel Update - November 16, 2020

Dear SAU 70 Families,

Please read the attached letter for important information about our procedures during the upcoming holiday season.

Thank you!

Jay Badams

Travel Families.pdf 

COVID-19 Notification - November 6, 2020

Dear SAU 70 Community,

Please read the attached COVID-19 notice.  We have initiated contact tracing and will provide updates as soon as possible.



COVID19 letter 11-6-2020


Transportation Update

Transportation (Updates as of October 1 are in italics)

Busing will be used for student transportation, following CDC/Public Health guidelines.  

Due to physical distancing recommendations, the capacity on our buses will be limited.  Therefore, pre-registration is required by August 18th.  A pre-registration form for parents to share their needs will be made available on August 13th.  Parents will be asked to transport children when possible.  Open ridership will be suspended until further notice.  Route and seat assignment, location, and pick-up times will be determined and communicated to parents by August 26th.  Based upon the volume of requests, routes and drop off times may be affected.

Students will be assigned seats utilizing a left and right position alternating pattern, although we know students alone in a seat will gravitate to the window side; which actually increases the distance between students side to side. There will only be 1 student per seat unless they are in the same family and then students may be seated together.  All riders will be required to wear masks.  In order to practice recommended health guidelines, hand sanitizer will be available on each bus.  Loading at campus will be managed by school personnel.  All windows on the bus will be opened to maximize airflow when possible.

We have been discussing the increased ridership needs and will after much discussion with administration, medical experts and Hanover Town Health Officer, be evolving from the original plan of 1 student to a seat unless there is familial relationship.  The Vermont and New Hampshire regulations both allow for 2 students to a seat as long as masks are being worn, a practice that we will be moving towards with a couple of caveats.  If students are traveling 15 minutes in transit or less to their stop, they may be asked to sit together and every effort will be made to place them with a cohort classmate.  If students are traveling more than 15 minutes, they will only be placed with a cohort classmate or an approved neighborhood, family friend.  Updated best practice guidelines are to arrange student seating by age group with the elementary students up front, middle school students after them and high school aged students in the back.  If we begin experiencing any higher local infection rates, we will need to revisit the plan and possibly make changes to be sure and accommodate students who live further distances from the schools.

Buses will have enhanced cleaning and sanitization by the transportation vendor - Student Transportation of America.  Bus monitors will be screening students upon entry.  Parents should remain with their elementary-aged students in case their screening makes them unable to board.  Middle and High School aged students should have a predetermined return-to-home protocol established with their parents.

Special education transportation will be managed in a manner similar to and consistent with regular education.  Exceptions and other arrangements will be made for students who, for medical reasons, may not be able to wear a mask.

COVID-19 Notice, October 16

Dear SAU 70 School Community,

Please find notice of our most recently confirmed case of COVID-19 below.  We will provide additional information as it becomes available.


Jay Badams

Covid Notice 3.pdf 

Superintendent's Update - October 14, 2020

Dear SAU 70 School Community,

With the state of Vermont's recent classification of Grafton County, NH as a "yellow zone," we are working with the VT Agency of Education for clarification regarding our interstate school system's operations, including student participation in sports and other co-curricular activities.  Our initial conversations with the AOE suggest that we will be permitted to observe NH guidelines pending confirmation with the VT Agency of Commerce, and the Department of Health.  Until that confirmation, we will treat our athletic programs and our other co-curricular activities as exempted school functions.  Students from VT will be allowed to continue to participate in these activities until further notice.  We will be in touch with further information as soon as it is available.


Jay Badams

Transportation Update, October 13, 2020

Dear Parents of Hanover and Norwich Bus Riders,

Good Evening!!  It sure has been a busy weekend here at SAU70, the Hanover, Norwich, and Dresden Schools.  We felt it was important to follow up on some changes you may notice and a few concerns that have been shared with us.

For the families that have students who ride Hanover Bus Route 3, please be advised we are retiring that Bus Route number in memory of Heather Billingham.  You will most probably notice that you have a new Bus Route number on your school bus, it will read H-10.  Your new bus route number will be known as Hanover Bus Route #10.  We will get all of the online documents updated and reposted shortly.

It has been reported to us that some of our older riders are not strictly adhering to the new 2020 bus rules and regulations.  We need to stress to everyone the importance of our students riding their assigned bus route and sitting in their assigned seats until they reach their destination.  The “open” ridership is not allowed this year and students will not be allowed to board a bus if they are not signed up or assigned to the route.  In addition, there is no eating on the bus and masks are required to be worn at all times while onboard.  The updated bus rules and regulations can be found on the District website at under the Transportation section.

Any student who is not adhering to the safety rules will lose their privilege to ride district transportation.  This is a serious matter and we will be boarding buses in the afternoons over the course of the next 5 days to reinforce expectations.  Drivers will be reviewing behavior and reporting issues to the Principals.

We ask that you take a moment to have a discussion with your student(s) about the importance of the safety protocols including wearing of masks and sitting in their assigned seats.  The seating checklists being accurate and our ability to monitor ridership will allow for early and accurate notification should health issues be reported.

As always, thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate through all of these changes and new requirements together.


Jamie Teague on behalf of the SAU 70 Transportation Team
COVID-19 Task Force
Student Transportation of VT/America

October 12, 2020 Update - Attestation Form

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