Bus changes

Dear Parents,

Wow, this school year sure did start off quick.  It’s already October and we have been in the constant process of reviewing the bus routes as more and more students are in need of services due in part to parental schedule changes.  It definitely has been challenging and we appreciate your flexibility.

Our schools and communities have been doing well with the state and local regulations surrounding in person learning and we are fortunate to be in an area with very low COVID rates. We have been discussing the increased ridership needs and will after much discussion with administration, medical experts and Hanover Town Health Officer, be evolving from the original plan of 1 student to a seat unless there is familial relationship.  The Vermont and New Hampshire regulations both allow for 2 students to a seat as long as masks are being worn, a practice that we will be moving towards with a couple of caveats.  If students are travelling 15 minutes in transit or less to their stop, they may be asked to sit together and every effort will be made to place them with a cohort classmate.  If students are travelling more than 15 minutes, they will only be placed with a cohort classmate or an approved neighborhood, family friend.  If we begin experiencing any higher local infection rates, we will need to revisit the plan and possibly make changes to be sure and accommodate students who live further distances from the schools.

We are working on changing and redirecting some of the following routes (H-1, H-5 and H-7) due to length of ride, pick up times and space needs, the adjusted routes and times will be posted and emailed to those of you affected by tomorrow end of day and we hope to make the changes for a Tuesday, October 6thstart.  

The Marion Cross to Hanover High School/Richmond Middle School morning transfer process will also be changing.  Effective Monday October 5th, we will be using a direct bus from the Girard Way bus lane location leaving at 7:30 am sharp heading to the Hanover High School and the Richmond Middle School – you will be notified if this is going to be your bus.  We need to make this change in order to accommodate students who are riding from remote homes in Norwich into our schools.  If we begin arriving too late, we will adjust the pickup time.  Students cannot just hop on any bus; all seats are assigned in order to track who is riding and when.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these unusual times.

Jamie Teague, Karen Wright, Shannon Howe, SAU 70 & Mike Gaudette, along with the Team at Student Transportation of America/Vermont

Welcome Back!

September 8, 2020

Dear SAU 70 School Community,                                       

Welcome back!   It’s great to see our schools back in action after nearly six months.  Thanks, again, to all of those who worked over the Labor Day weekend to make our reopening possible.   Now that we’ve made it this far, we need to work together to stay safe while we teach and learn.  Ensuring that we are following our schools’ protocols, masking, maintaining distance, washing our hands frequently, and staying home when we’re sick will help us keep our schools open.

As I mentioned before, flexibility will be important, especially as we work the bugs out of new routines.  Safety precautions will take some getting used to and will affect schedules and timing.  Transportation, for example, will require patience as we work to balance busing needs with new safety procedures.  Increased numbers of families who decide to drive their children to school will create more traffic at drop-off and pick-up times.  So far, our schools have developed creative solutions to these challenges, and our families have been great partners in making them work.

One of the greatest strengths we have in our Hanover & Norwich schools, is our tight-knit, caring, and supportive community.  Our interconnectedness can pose problems though, especially when our lightning fast rumor mill has plenty of pandemic-inspired grist.  In order for us to operate our schools as safely as possible, we will need to rely on each other in many ways.  So far, people have been exceptionally proactive informing our school staff of travel situations, health considerations, and COVID-19 testing.  Likewise, our school nurses, medical advisors, and public health officials have been incredibly responsive.  Unfortunately, rumors, even those based on decontextualized facts, can cause unnecessary worry and lost time.

Sharing accurate information will be essential to allow us to properly respond to any changes in the local course of the pandemic.  In order to preserve the trust that will support this kind of communication, we are working mightily to safeguard peoples’ privacy.  To that end, I am asking that we all refrain from contacting our schools to confirm or deny rumors about possible exposures or positive test results.   As I included in my last update, we will follow state guidance with regard to notification of suspected exposures.  In fact, the NH Division of Public Health Services “will assist us in notifying staff, students, and parents in the event that a COVID-19 exposure occurs at school.” When people inform us of possible exposures or positive test results, we will immediately inform our medical and public health advisors and take appropriate action, including making the important decision about any public notice. 

Our school nurses and our COVID-19 Task Force will lead our efforts to monitor and respond to the local public health situation, and we will continue to keep you informed, both at the school and district level.  Thank you all for such a great start to the 2020-21 school year!

With gratitude,
Jay Badams

Plan Update August 31, 2020

Please be advised the School Reopening Plan has been updated with edits to:


Bus Routes

Thank you all for your patience as we work through the many issues with transportation for the fall.

We anticipate posting that information on Monday, August 31, 2020.




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