Health Management - Safety Protocols

Restricted Accessibility

Access to the school buildings is limited to designated students, essential employees, and other approved visitors/vendors with essential business by appointment only.  Everyone is required to follow proper PPE guidelines.  Parent volunteers will not be allowed in the building until further notice.  Whenever possible, meetings and training should be held virtually.  Initially, school buildings will not be used by outside groups.  Whole-school assemblies and other large events will not take place until further notice.  All buildings will be vacated by 6 pm, other than essential maintenance and custodial staff.

Movement within the Schools

Hand sanitizing stations will be available at all entrances and throughout all school locations.

Staff will enter the buildings, check their temperature, sign attestation, and report directly to assigned worksite.

Separate entrances and exits will be assigned to different groups of students.  Staggered arrival and dismissal times will be utilized to control traffic flow.  Traffic patterns will be modified in order to accommodate physical distancing guidelines and avoid loitering or large group gatherings. 

New traffic patterns will be clearly defined indicating the direction of travel with well-marked lines on the floor, signage, and other types of barriers; one-way hallways will be created when possible.  All onsite attendees will be required to follow the most current recommended guidance from health officials regarding temperature checks, daily health checklists, and PPE.





Busing will be used for student transportation, following CDC/Public Health guidelines. 

Learn more about TransportatioN GUIDELINES  

School Meals & Food Service

Food Service provides food for home delivery to our meal program qualifying students and for students at school.  

For students attending school in person:

Learn More About In-Person Food Service




Facilities Ventilation, Cleaning and Preparation

Person in protective suit disinfecting virus

All HVAC system filters have been removed and replaced per the manufacturer’s specifications and preventative maintenance schedule.  The District is in the process of contracting with independent mechanical and engineering contractors to analyze the air handling and filtration systems capacity to ensure adequate, safe, and appropriate ventilation in teaching and other confined spaces.  Upgrades and/or any other changes as suggested from the analysis will be scheduled accordingly.  In order to improve air filtration and overall air quality, air filters will be routinely monitored and upgraded where possible, to a higher MERV rating or HEPA rating to capture smaller particles.  In areas where filters may not be able to be upgraded due to building/system constraints, we are evaluating other solutions (window fans to exhaust/maximize airflow/independent filtering systems, etc) to enhance air filtration.  Additionally, systems will be adjusted to maximize outdoor air intake which will increase the amount of fresh air circulating throughout the rooms.  Filters will be checked, cleaned, and/or changed more frequently.  ASHRAE and CDC standards are being consulted.

Each school's custodial team will implement a cleaning and sanitizing plan for day and night crews accordingly based on educational models being followed (cohorting vs. increased student movement).  We are planning to adjust custodial staff time to include more “disinfectant crews” that can be made available during the day.  These crews will prioritize cleaning and disinfecting (where appropriate) centrally located, high traffic flat surfaces and touch points (doorknobs, handrails).  Bathrooms will also receive frequently scheduled disinfecting cleanings throughout the day.  Additional cleaning supplies will be made available in the classrooms so desk areas may be cleaned before and after any food consumption.  Night crews will prioritize cleaning and disinfecting of classrooms, offices, halls and floors.  Second shift custodians will use electrostatic sprayers to disinfect classrooms and other large areas.




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