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Current Status of School Based Planning

Below is a summary of our four schools’ current planning for the coming school year.  As each school finalizes school-based guidelines and protocols, building administrators will offer opportunities to families to attend virtual meeting sessions and orientations.  Additionally, principals will provide updates through their weekly newsletters.


The school level task force is composed of teachers, support staff, administration, and a representative from the Norwich Rec Department.  The group is working on a reentry plan specific to the needs of the Marion Cross School.  We are consulting CDC guidelines, Vermont State recommendations, and the direction set out by the larger SAU 70 Task Force.  To date the task force has divided into three groups - classroom structures and Pods, drop off and dismissal, and outdoor learning opportunities.  As plans for these topics are completed members will move forward to address other topics within our plan.  The goal is to provide families with a COVID-19 handbook prior to the September 8 start date. In doing this work we are working to meet the education needs of all students while keeping in mind the varying degrees of comfort families have about in person instruction.  For this reason, we are working to provide a virtual format that will allow children to receive the MCS curriculum virtually.  

To date, our plan is for teachers to focus on in person instruction or virtual instruction.  With this model virtual students will have their own virtual classmates.  Please look for communication in the Cross Words about the progress of the MCS Task Force. 


The school level task force is a group of representatives from various Ray School teams: teachers, support staff, custodians, office staff, nursing staff, and administration.  We have Ray representatives who are parents of students in our district, as well as Ray representatives who are parents of students in other districts or with children in childcare/preschool.  The task force is now in the process of creating operational guidelines and protocols for our school re-entry.  We will share each portion of the school plan, in a “finalized draft” version, with the whole staff for additional feedback and questions.  These draft documents will also be shared with the SAU.  

Undoubtedly these plans will be living, evolving documents.  The goal of this task force is to create a handbook that includes protocols specifically related to COVID-19, which will be shared with you.  Please look for communication in the Rays of Sunshine about the progress of the Ray School Task Force. 


The school level task force has begun its planning process, addressing the logistical and curricular needs of each learning model.  In its first course of action the task force decided to arrange our 2020-2021 school schedule into student cohorts, limiting interaction throughout the day to mitigate risk.  While a significant departure from our educational philosophy of creating multiple learning groups within our school, the task force felt the cohort model safest while offering the smoothest transition between models should a change become necessary.  This baseline change will require significant work in regards to schedules, elective choices, and integration of world language - work we are happy to undertake.  

Particulars of the specific school plan will be discussed in (remote) parent forums to be arranged during the week of August 17th.  We are excited by the opportunities the plan will offer for the year ahead, and look forward to working together on a great plan for RMS.  


Hanover High School (HHS) administrators, coordinators, and various staff members are in the planning stages to accommodate for the three phases outlined in this document, along with a remote option.  The high school course offerings and curricula present challenges that make it difficult to arrange students into cohorts throughout the day. The high school plan will mitigate risk by adhering to strict protocols and, where possible, assigning students to certain areas of the building throughout the day to limit movement around the school. 

HHS students are very fortunate to have a flexible schedule.  This flexibility creates a certain number of challenges in planning for a return to school.  Some of these challenges are free periods, open campus, lunch, x period, Advisory/Common Ground, Council, extracurricular, co-curricular activities, and athletics (see FAQ’s).  As a school community these activities are valued and add to a student’s educational experience.  Every effort is being made to offer these opportunities in a safe format.

The current in-school draft schedule(s) limits a student’s “free” time each day.  Phase 3 requires students to be physically present at HHS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday will be a scheduled remote learning day where students will have the opportunity to participate in Advisory, Council, and other school related activities without the complications of social distancing.  Teachers will be available during scheduled class periods to help students.





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