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School Boards

HHS students seated at the HOP museum event

SAU 70 has four school boards, the Hanover, Norwich, Dresden and SAU 70 boards. The Board's primary responsibility is the legislation, development and maintenance, of district policies and working with the superintendent and building administration in the the crafting of a budget to deliver and defend to the voters.

The school boards chose to contract with BoardDocs, a web-based delivery system of Board documents and agenda items. School Board meeting agendas, attachments, and minutes can now be found on BoardDocs.

School year Board minutes from 2011-2012 to present can be found in the library section on BoardDocs. For older minutes, kindly contact the Superintendent's Office at 603-643-6050.

Dresden and Hanover School Board's Gun Resolution, October 2018

SAU 70 - House Bill 544 Resolution
SAU 70 - House Bill 1255 Resolution
SAU 70 - House Bill 607 Resolution

Dresden School Board Secure Firearms Storage Resolution