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The central purpose of all advisory committees is to contribute to the educational program by conducting studies, identifying problems, and developing recommendations that will enhance effectiveness of the decision-making process. The Board may rely on these various advisory committees as one means of discerning the needs and desires of the school district and its residents. Advisory committees are created by a majority vote of the board. The Board determines the frequency and timing of advisory committee reports. No committee announcement or its members will be make to the public or press until the release has been cleared with the Board Chairperson or his or her designee. No committee shall be dissolved without an appropriate final report.

Central Staff Development Committee

The Central Staff Development Committee (CSDC) for the Hanover and Dresden districts is made of up 3 principals, 3 certified staff members, 2 Board members and a community member. The committee establishes procedures for approving funds for professional development and recertification; recommends enrichment grant and sabbatical proposals for approval; reviews track advancements; and adjudicates appeals from the school level. More information

Dresden Athletic Advisory Committee

The Dresden Board recognizes the value of regular, systematic, constituency-based advice to the Director of Athletics and to the high school administration regarding athletic budget development and athletic department policies and practices as they relate directly to students.

To this end, the School Board established this standing advisory committee to represent the interests of students, parents, coaches, Richmond Middle School faculty, Hanover High School facutly, the Hanover Recreation Board, and the Dresden School Board.

Dresden Budget Committee

This committee meets with Jamie Teague, SAU 70 Business Administrator; Superintendent Frank Bass; Director of Facilities Tony Daigle; and the Principals of the High School and Middle School in December to review the preliminary drafts of the Dresden budget for the subsequent school year. They provide a Board perspective on the budget development process and help guide the staff to meet the budget parameters developed by the full Board in the early fall. More information

Dresden Education Committee

The Dresden Education Committee will assist in review and development of policy, educational priorities and quality measures for the Dresden Board to consider.

More information

Dresden Finance Committee

Hanover Budget Committee

The goals of the Hanover Budget Committee are to review the process for developing budget guidelines, develop the budget guidelines and work with the administration to develop a budget consistent with the guidelines. More information

Hanover Communications Committee

This committee is not currently active. Past meeting minutes.

Hanover Education Committee

2016-17 Goals

  1. Review and support the Spanish language program.
  2. Review and support the efforts of the Joint Committee on Peer Review to structure Critical Friends Groups à la the network that the Richmond Middle School has developed.
  3. Support Principal Laramie’s efforts to set up flexible student groups of different types of learners in specific subjects areas.
  4. Support a speaker series that would bring relevant educational issues to the community.
  5. Help develop partnerships between the Ray School and Dartmouth that would enhance instruction.

More information

Hanover Finance Committee

Hanover World Language Committee

This committee is not currently active. More information

HHS Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Hanover High School seeks to actively engage the minds, hearts and voices of stakeholders across the communities it serves by engaging in a formal Strategic Planning Process. This process will yield a five-year Strategic Plan and supporting annual goals that will sustain and strengthen what is great about Hanover High School and address the changing needs of our communities.

To ensure that Strategic Planning for Hanover High School accurately reflects the values of its many constituents, a Strategic Planning Steering Committee has been established. Members represent a wide range of roles and responsibilities within the community, and will work toward consensus in shaping the future of Hanover High School. Many individuals applied to participate in the steering committee, an indication of widespread interest in education in our community. During this school year, members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee will reach out to various stakeholders, survey our communities, re-examine the mission of the school, and ultimately propose a five-year vision for Hanover high School. Formal documents from the committee will be made available to the public. More information

Marion Cross Enrichment Grants Committee

Norwich Budget Committee

Norwich Foreign Language Committee

This committee is not active now. In the past, the Norwich Foreign Language Committee has met to discuss foreign language teaching at Marion Cross School, consider the future of the foreign-language program, and find ways to communicate the purposes of the program to the community. Posted 5/13/15. More information

Norwich Long-Term Planning Committee

This committee is not currently active. More information

Norwich Negotiations Committee

Norwich Policy Committee

The purpose of the Norwich School Board Policy Committee is to organize review of the Norwich School Board policies to ensure that they are up to date, follow current state law, and reflect the philosophy of the Marion Cross School. More information

SAU Budget Committee

SAU Communications Committee

SAU Four Chairs Committee

The Four Chairs Committee will consist of the Chairs from the SAU, Dresden, Norwich and Hanover Boards and the Superintendent. The purpose of the committee will be to act as a sounding board for the Superintendent, to allow for the efficient transmittal of information relevant to all boards, to provide feedback to the Superintendent regarding his performance in meeting his goals, and, when necessary, to discuss personnel issues in executive session. The Committee will meet on a set schedule. Any board member may attend the meetings. Committee meetings will be subject to the NH Open Meeting laws.

The Committee will have no decision-making authority. If a decision needs to be made regarding a topic discussed at a committee meeting, the appropriate Chair will take the item back to his or her board for discussion and, if appropriate, action. If a topic impacts more than one district, the SAU chair will bring it before the SAU Board. Each Chair will regularly report to his or her board on the substance of the matters discussed at Committee meetings.

Any Chair or the Superintendent may place an item on the agenda, though the SAU chair will coordinate development of the agenda and will chair the meetings. More information

SAU K-12 Curriculum Committee

SAU Policies and Procedures Committee

Members of the SAU Policies and Procedures Committee are the four Board Chairs: Carey Callaghan, Tom Candon, Neil Odell and Mimi Lichtenstein, and Superintendent Bass. The committee's purpose is to review policies governing the SAU and its four schools. More information

SAU Superintendent Search Committee

Superintendent Evaluation Committee