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School Boards

SAU 70 has four school boards, the Hanover, Norwich, Dresden and SAU 70 boards. The Board's primary responsibility is the legislation, development and maintenance, of district policies and working with the superintendent and building administration in the the crafting of a budget to deliver and defend to the voters.

Recently, the school boards chose to contract with BoardDocs, a web-based delivery system of Board documents and agenda items. School Board meeting agendas, attachments, and minutes can now be found on BoardDocs.

School year Board minutes for 2017-2018 can be found in the library section on BoardDocs. For older minutes, kindly contact the Superintendent's Office at 603-643-6050.

Dresden and Hanover School Board's Gun Resolution, October 2018

Board Docs logo

How to use BoardDocs

Upcoming meetings for any of the four districts will be featured on the front page. Choose which meeting you would like to view and you will be brought to a webpage where you can choose to view the agenda. Agendas are usually featured three to four days prior to the meeting date.

To access previous meetings, in the upper right-hand corner of the BoardDocs webpage you will see a small building icon and "Board of Education" (or SAU 70) - choose the dropdown arrow next to it. There you will be able to choose the other three districts, Dresden, Hanover, or Norwich. From there, you will brought to a webpage showing all meetings that have occurred. You will also find Board committees.

Under the "Library" tab, you will find the following:
General - Archived minutes and current year committees
Events - School Board meetings and committees calendar
Strategic Goals - Board goals for the current year and previous years
Board Members - List of board members, roles, and committees they serve on

Hanover & Dresden Deliberative Sessions - February 28, 2019

Norwich Deliberative Session - March 4, 2019

The Norwich Times

The Norwich Times features only the “good people, good places and good things happening” in and around the Norwich area. The paper is well-respected and cherished by community members and is often read cover to cover.

Visit the Norwich Times website

Town of Hanover

Hanover is located on the western side of New Hampshire in the scenic Upper Connecticut River Valley. The river forms the border between Vermont and New Hampshire. The Town has a population of 11,260 (per 2010 census) and is the home of Dartmouth College, which was established in 1769.

Visit the Town of Hanover website

Town of Norwich

Norwich, Vermont is located in Windsor County and has a population of about 3,414. It is located along the Connecticut River, is home to many businesses and nonprofit organizations, and has a vibrant downtown and village green.

Visit Town of Norwich Website