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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I enroll for health and/or dental benefits?

Open enrollment is held annually in May. During the open enrollment period you may elect to:

  • Enroll in the plan(s) that you are eligible for
  • Drop current coverage
  • Add/Remove dependents from the plan(s)

Changes made during open enrollment will be effective on July 1st.

In addition to the open enrollment period, you may be eligible to make changes to your existing elections if you or a family member experiences a qualifying event.

How do I add someone to my health insurance?

You may add qualified dependents to your insurance coverage during open enrollment.

If you or one of your covered dependents experience a qualifying event at any point during the year, you will have 30 days to make changes to your existing coverage.

What is a qualifying event?

What is SaveOn and how does it work?

What is a Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

A Flexible Spending Account is a vehicle that allows you to put aside pretax dollars for medical or dependent care expenses that you might incur throughout the year.

For more information, click here to be redirected to the Benefits Information section.

What wellness incentives are there?

Please visit the wellness page for information regarding the wellness incentives available to you.

What retirement options are available to me?

The district participates with the NH and VT retirement systems as the primary retirement plan.

Employees may also elect to participate in a 403b plan with one of our participating vendors.

What percentage matching is available for retirement?

Please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement to determine if you are eligible for a district match.

View the contracts by clicking here.

When can I change my retirement contributions?

Employees may reduce or stop their 403b contributions at any time during the year.

The following 403b changes are limited to twice per year:

  1. New Enrollments
  2. Increase current contributions
  3. Changes to your existing provider
  • Before the first paycheck of the new school year:
    • June 15th deadline for year round staff
    • August 15th deadline for school year staff
  • Before the first paycheck of the new calendar year
    • December 15th deadline for all staff

How do I sign up for electronic payroll and e-statements?

Simply visit the forms page and complete the applicable direct deposit form. Once complete, return it to the SAU for processing.

Keep in mind that your first check after submitting the form will be a regular check while the SAU office processes a "Test" to verify your banking information.

When can I change my tax contributions?

Changes to your Federal or State tax withholding can be made at any time during the year.

Forms can be found here.

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